Hammond meets Moss DVD trailer 2

Stirling and Richard Hammond talk openly about their respective crashes, the head injuries received and the recovery process they both went through. The DVD of the documentary shown on both BBC 2 and BBC 4 has inputs from leading neurosurgeons, Professor Sid Watkins, Mindy Hammond and Val Pirie, Stirling's PA in 1962, who talks on the record about Stirling for the first time ever and the after effects of his accident at Goodwood which finished his professional racing career. The DVD also includes a further 20 minutes of unseen footage and the full length interviews with Tony Brooks and Professor Sid Watkins. 

The DVD is Region 0 i.e. will play in all regions including the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Asia.
Take advantage of the pre-order offer price for the DVD, with the option to have your copy signed by Stirling, by clicking here
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