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23 May 2009
Stirling Moss Blog: 2009 so far...
Welcome to what will be the first of Stirling Blog’s over the course of the Formula 1 season. In this edition he looks at events that have taken place in the world of F1 since the Australian GP and comments on activities he has been involved in recently including his appearance along with the modern Mclaren Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss at the...
8 May 2009
Welcome to the new Stirling Moss website
Welcome to the new official Stirling Moss website, we hope you enjoy browsing the site which features new sections such as the Video page and the Photo gallery. The News and Features section will be updated regularly, as will the new Photo gallery which covers both my racing career and more recent events from Goodwood to Roary the Racing Car. The...
27 March 2009
Stirling previews the first Formula 1 GP of the year in Melbourne
In an interview with, Stirling previews the Australian Grand Prix, the first Formula 1 race of the 2009 season taking place in Melbourne. Sebastian Vettel will 'take some beating' at Red Bull Racing, Felipe Massa would be a worthy Formula 1 World Champion and this weekend's Australian Grand Prix is 'the most open race' in the sport's...
8 December 2008
British Racing Drivers' Club Presents Stirling with a Unique Award
F1 World Champion, Lewis Hamilton presented Sir Stirling Moss with a BRDC Gold Star that incorporated a diamond in recognition of him becoming the BRDC's first vice-president for life. The award also honoured his outstanding accomplishments and ambassadorial role for the BRDC and British motorsport over six decades. Lewis Hamilton paid tribute to...
8 April 2008
Stirling Moss has added a forward to the latest book to be brought out in the popular 'For Dummies' series, which focuses on providing IT advice for those over 60. Sir Stirling, who is a big fan of technology, is anxious to ensure that as many people of his age as possible can find their way around Vista, write emails and use the internet. “...
29 February 2008
Stirling Moss has been named the best formula 1 driver of all time in F1 journalist, Alan Henry's brand new book "The Top 100 F1 Drivers of All Time". Sir Stirling, has declared himself "absolutely amazed and very flattered" to have been placed in poll position. In his new book, The Top 100 F1 Drivers of All Time, Mr Henry...
30 January 2001
Stirling Moss at the Paris launch of the new Lotus road car range
The first ever Lotus to win a Formula 1 race was a Lotus 18 at the 1960 Monaco Grand Prix, run by the Rob Walker Team, with Stirling at the wheel. It was therefore fitting that Stirling attended the VIP launch of the new range of Lotus road cars at a Gala dinner held at the Louvre in Paris on 30th September 2010. Alongside Clive Chapman...